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Pump Engineers (NZ) Ltd is the NZ agent for Ebara pumps.

Ebara Japan began as one the world’s first pump companies in early 1900’s. Ebara Europe formed in 1988 has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers standard pump ranges.

The extensive high quality Italian manufactured Ebara standard range includes, surface and end suction, vertical and horizontal multistage, submersible, and high pressure or booster systems pumps. Ebara is a cost effective, reliable brand.

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Surface Centrifugal Up to 250L/min and 35 m head for single impeller and 60 m head for dual impeller in the CD(A)(X), CM, 2CDX, DWC, DWO   ranges

End Suction Centrifugal, Up to 3,500L/min and 90m head in the 3M, 3P, 3P, ENR, & MD ranges

Submersible Sump, Up to 350L/min and 20m head in the Optima, Right, Best, & DW ranges.

Self-Priming Centrifugal, Up to 160L/min and 70m head in the Je(s)(x), Aga, & SW ranges

Vertical Multistage Up to 1400L/min and 300m in the Multigo, CVM, HVM, & EVM ranges

Horizontal Multistage, Up to 400L/min and 100m head, includes Compact & Matrix ranges

Inline, Up to 3,000L/min and 50m head in the LPS, LPC, EGO, & MR ranges


Submersible WW, Up to 8,000L/min and 40m head in the DL, DM, DR, DS, DVS, & Dumper ranges.

Lifting Stations, Up to 900L/min and 20m head in the D-Tank, Miniright, Sanielev, and Ebamix ranges

Controls, Includes E drive VFD

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Surface Centrifugal

Single Impeller range

Dual Impeller range

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