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Pump Engineers (NZ) Ltd has a wide range of Seko Perastaltic, Solenoid and Motor Driven Metering Pumps covering the applications for;

  • Water treatments of boilers, cooling towers, or swimming pools
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Industrial applications

Seko has been a significant manufacturer of metering and dosing systems for 40 years. It has gained a worldwide leader position in many fields by supplying innovative products and reliable solutions for the dosing, injection and transfer of liquids together with an efficient control of related chemical parameters.

Shown here is a sample of the Seko products available from Pump Engineers

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Tekna Evo – Analog and Digital Pumps

Solenoid Driven Metering/Dosing Pump 

  • Four models from 1L/hr to 60 L/hr to 20bar
  • PVDF Head Assembly with Ceramic Check Valves
  • 4 models that cover from 1 to 60 lt/hr with an output pressure of up to 20 Bar
  • PVDF pump head and ceramic ball valves as standard


Dynamik Peristaltic Pumps   

Metering/Dosing/Dispensing Pump

  • Time Controlled, Fixed Rate                
  • Adjustable Flow Rate Option
  • Conductivity Controlled    
  • Conductivity probe control
  • Adjustable flow rate dosing with speed control
  • Fixed rate timer controlled dosing.



Dosing System for Cooling Towers, Boilers and Swimming Pools

Example of a complete control centre for measuring pH, Chlorine & conductivity



Metering Pumps – Exacta Series for industrial applications

  • D Series – mechanical diaphragm pumps with spring return mechanism
  • K Series – plunger piston pumps with spring return mechanism
  • SWE Series – hydraulic diaphragm pumps with mechanical return mechanism
  • WS Series – hydraulic sandwich diaphragm pumps with spring return mechanism
  • 3C Triplex Series – Three plunger reciprocating pumps
  • Seko Double Diaphragm Metering Pump
    (tech sheet)

Pro Multiclean - Foam, Rinse and Spray 2 chemicals

Other models include; Prowash, Proklyn, Profoam and Cannon types




Suction Plungers

Designed and built for easy, immediate use they ensure regular operation of the process. They are all fitted with foot filter and are available inversions that have built in level probe to indicate when the chemical product is finished in order to prevent vacuum dosing that would damage the pump.


Mix 1 or 4 chemicals especially designed to fill Bottles and Buckets


Seko Perastaltic Pumps Video


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