1/4″ Elimamatic Bolted Plastic Pump with Plastic centre Sections

E6 1/4″ Bolted Plastic Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


Introducing the line of E6 1/4” Plastic Pumps, the latest addition to the Versa-Matic line of precision quality diaphragm pumps. The new E6P was engineered with original equipment. manufactures (OEMs) in mind and provides tremendous system flexibility.

  • Dual-threaded manifolds threaded both internally and externally (ID/OD)
  • Choice of manifold configuration horizontal or vertical
  • Integrated muffler one of the quietest and most compact pumps in its class
  • Non-stalling, lube-free air valve system guaranteed reliable operation
  • Available in groundable Acetal for pumping volatile mediums

Get reliable performance with the non-stalling, lube-free air valve system in Versa-Matic’s E6 1/4” pump. Leak-free design reduces downtime, ensuring continuous, reliable pump performance. Available in either Polypropylene, PVDF. features dual threaded manifolds. offers optional manifold configurations. provides an integrated muffler. Is self-priming.